Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A Quick Update On An Update

Howdy, Folks! Long time no write!

Since I am recently totally poor again and seem to excel at it, I am bringing this blog back to life with dreams of spinning it into something bigger. Or at least coming up with more ideas on how to make life easier for all involved and offering them out to the world. I want to be a professional poor person!!!

So here's the deal. I will keep writing new blogs and revamping these older nuggets to make them relevant . If you like them, spread the love so that maybe some day maybe someone will love them so much, they will employ me and I can get that 2005 Toyota Camry I dream of having someday.

A new domain has been purchased and I will be figuring out how to get these into that soon too.

Thanks for reading! Happy Summer aka That Time We Don't Pay For Heating Bills!!!

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